Project activities

Transnational project meeting in Germany – 29/10-2/11/2018 – Lüchow

Kick-Off meeting – in which we focused on the issues connected with project cooperation and communication, project monitoring and evaluation and preparing for “teaching methods entreprenurship and sustainability”

  • Introducing educational institutions (incl.: geographical and cultural characteristics; educational systems) of all participating countries),
  • organising and deciding on future meetings,
  • division of the responsibilities.

C1 activity in Sweden – 28/01-01/02/2019 – Avesta


  • Karlfeldgymnasiet and Avesta city’s program for new arrivals, refugee – presentations – Headmaster Sari Johansson,
  • Presentations of Entrepreneurs in the Swedish school system and other countries,
  • Gender issues on Social Sciences program – student presentation of Girls right to education Cagla Araz,
  • Presentations of Karlfeldtgymnasiet work whit Young Achievements- Patrik Wallner and Viktoria Hemdahl,
  • Examples of companies performed by students taking part in Young Achievements Programme Presentations of Entrepreneurs in the Swedish school system and other countries and Young Achievement and sustainability,
  • To work whit Human rights, EU and Human rights, Agenda 2030 and Gender issues in school- Pedagogic method “self-leadership” – Presentation by Maria Vogel,
  • Students presentation of their work of Gender issues from Social sciences program,
  • Choosing the best logo of the project – logo competition for students.


  • How can we add the social aspect in working with Young Enterprise or Entrepreneurship ?
  • How to create pedagogic methods for Entrepreneurship and sustainability,
  • New Teaching Methods Improve the Educational Process, Preparing for ” Teaching methods entrepreneurship and sustainability” ,
  • Non formal education and social inclusion How can we add the social aspect in working with Young Enterprise or Entrepreneurship? This is the result of the workshop,

C2 activity in Portugal – 03-09/03/2019 – Viseu/Lisbon


Communications: presentation of the school’s actions

  • Environmental Entrepreneurship Projects at ESAM,
  • “Entrepreneurship in Schools” a project by the intermunicipal community Viseu Dão Lafões,
  • The municipality’s green entrepreneurship – presentation of the municipality’s actions,
  • Presentation of young entrepreneurs’ projects: “Smart gear” (smart waistcoat for firemen); “Solar tricycle”,
  • Presentation of a comparative study on entrepreneurial education,
  • Pedra Cancela – presentation of its Wine Tourism project – an example of entrepreneurship and local development,
  • Ministry of Education (Portugal) – Presentation of The Frame of Reference for Entrepreneurship in Elementary and Secondary Education
  • The programme for Environmental Education at the World Exhibition EXPO ‘98 at Lisbon Oceanarium – A visit to Park Expo as an example of how to organise an event while thinking about the future,


  • A lecture on sustainable development of the company in the field of wine production on the example Quinta Pedra Cancela,
  • Work Sessions at Instituto Superior Politécnico de Viseu: “Redesigning local food systems through Bioregions and GIAHS” ; “Circular Economy as a challenge for young entrepreneurship”,
  • The Earth Charter as a tool for sustainability and social and environmental entrepreneurship,
  • Environmental Education and Entrepreneurship: skills and challenges/competences for the jobs of the future.

CASE STUDY – Entrepreneurship for social and environmental tourism

Impactrip and Impact House; Integration project and active participation of the immigrant and refugee community in the host society.

Transnational project meeting in Poland – 04-06/06/2019 – Białystok

On 4-6 June 2019, a working visit of the project took place in Bialystok. The meeting was attended by 13 representatives of the partner group from Portugal, Finland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. The meeting was devoted to discussing the current issues related to the implementation of the project, project monitoring and evaluation and finally preparation of the half-report. There were also workshops on key competences in the process of Life Long Learning. In addition to the design work, our guests visited: The Tatar Trail with Kruszyniany Mosque, Museum of Icons and the Orthodox Monastery in Supraśl, Bialowieza National Park, the Białystok Science and Technology Park and the Technical Schools Team gen. Władysława Andersa in Bialystok. We practiced the group work during the ride on Bialowieza Draisine.

C 3 actitity in Finland – 06-12/10/2019 – Ulvila/Finland

The Entrepreneurs of the Future –

Day 1: some of the many moments of learning and sharing ideas and experiences amidst a breathtaking landscape. Long live diversity!

Day 2: lectures on the new generation of farmers, local industries and sustainability. A history and arts lesson by the Finnish students at the marvelous local church. And of course the treat of mother nature: incredible colours and unforgettable light. We are blessed!

Day 3: 24 hour innovation camp – our young entrepreneurs worked on their ideas and projects never neglecting the social, environmental and/or sustainable aspect of their “product”. They were guided by tutors and teachers of our host country (thank you Hanna and Juha) and could always count on their teachers for support. They worked hard, learned a lot and had a lot of fun through the sharing of experiences!

Day 4: INNOVATION CAMP 24H – Business presentations with local entrepreneurs as judges. ALL the young entrepreneurs did a great job and showed us how creative and innovative they are. The products and ideas presented reflect how environmentally aware these youngsters are and prove that they are really engaged in creating a more sustainable world. The price for the best product went to the Portuguese team, the one for the best brand to the Polish team and the price for the best set target customer went to the Icelandic team. CONGRATS to ALL the teams and thank you, dear hosts, for the incredible organizativ work! The session about robotics with the visit that followed were enlightening. The evening ended with music… You rock!!!

Day 5: INNOVATION CAMP 24H – Time flies by and this was sadly the last day of our project visit to Finland ! In the morning we visited the harbour of Rauma and had a session about the way it works and is trying to be environmentally responsible. Then we visited Rauma, Unesco world heritage centre, a fabulous old town, masterfully preserved. Dinner, sauna, and GOODBYE – that was the hardest part. Thank you dear hosts for your dedication, you did a GREAT job… What an organisation! Rest now, it is well – deserved. Goodbye, dear friends, you will all be missed!!!! Graça PPereira – Portugal

Project activities

C4/C4 online activity: 22-23/04/21; 26-28/04/21

Despite preparing the trip to Iceland twice, we had to take into account
the epidemiological risk and decided to carry out the last mobility
online in April 2021. We met on Teams and Zoom platforms on
22-23.04.2021 and 26-28.2021. All project partners took part in
organising and carrying out online sessions whose aim was to present a
business idea supporting the idea of sustainable development. The
business ideas were developed and presented by students from each
partner country. Students participating in the Innovation Camp shared
their experiences with younger colleagues. The graduates of the schools
in the partner countries prepared inspiring presentations for the new
participants of the project. During the online sessions we got to know
the specificity of the countries and schools of other project partners,
we discussed the presented business ideas, we worked on the model of
entrepreneurial competence, we listened to presentations and lectures on
the idea of sustainable development. Important information on this topic
was presented, among others, by Ms. Isabel Brás from Instituto
Politécnico de Viseu in Portugal and Marcus Larsso from Sweden in
lectures touching minds and emotions.  Moreover, Ms Izabela Szczepaniak
from Revas Poland presented the topic “How students experience business
at school running virtual companies in Poland”. Students shared their thoughts on the
application of sustainable development principles in creating business
ideas and pro-ecological solutions in everyday life.  The online
sessions also included a summary of previous activities and
competency-building workshops. The goal of the mobility was fulfilled
and the knowledge and skills acquired during the sessions students will
be able to use in creating their careers and in everyday life.

Project activities

The third Transnational Project Meeting in online form 30/04/2021

Due to the pandemic the last international meeting summing up the
project took place in the form of online session. The coordinators and
teachers of the partner countries jointly discussed the budget and the
project activities, analysed the achievements of their students and
planned the activities in order to summarise the project and draw up the
final report. We enjoyed seeing each other again, even though only in virtual
reality. We are convinced that the friendships initiated during the
project will last for a long time.