First steps

These are my first words in a blog EVER. It must have something to do with me being very advanced in years. But, hey, thank you very much, Patrick, for creating the chance of experiencing this extraordinary stuff.

It is a very exciting experience for me to participate in this project. Especially because I have got to know some interesting aspects of dealing with the issue ´entrepreneurship´.

There are so many facets you all mentioned in our meetings so far that I fear many of them might have dropped out of my perforated brain. So I´ll suggest to put all these vital ideas and information in a mind map which can grow / be altered / … throughout our project period. Maybe we could also motivate our students to note down their ideas of entrepreneurship in a mind map as well… We could then publish the whole lot as one of our project outcomes.

As I am a technically completely illiterate person I wonder whether it is possible to work on such a mind map here in our blog.

“The Entrepreneurs of the Future”

Project co-financed under the European Union Erasmus + program. Action ka2, Strategic partnerships,
Vocational education and training sector
No of the project: 2018-1-PL01-KA202-051120
Project title: “The Entrepreneurs of the Future”
The project was developed in partnership with the 6 organizations: Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Portugal and Poland. We have started a project at a contact seminary in Copenhagen.